Circular Movement and the Spirit of Harmony

Masatake-Fujita-Shihan The purpose of Aikido is to create Harmony – harmony of your spirit and body, harmony between your partner and yourself, and harmony with the movements of the universe (Nature). A martial art which has as a purpose to be healthy in body and peaceful in spirit, to avoid conflict with others, to avoid spoiling Nature, to refrain from the use of physical power to achieve one’s desires, to strive for becoming one with the Universe… this is Aikido. The collision of powere against power – this is what we call fighting, or conflict. Aikido is not a collision of power against power. It is a joining of power with power, to come to a resolution of conflict. This transformation of power allows for Aikido technique to be born.

Aikido always holds this ideal, no matter what situation arises. In reality, all martial arts have the same ideal.

Aikido is composed of circular movement. This movement is the way of non-conflict. Aikido takes a strong force and makes it circular. In order to eliminate the necessity to injure or kill the other person, this circular movement is necessary.

Aikido is not just a simple martial art, it is a unique Way, a representation of Japanese culture and tradition. It serves as an introduction of Japanese spirit throughout the world. The main principle of the Japanese spirit, of the true Japanese heart, is Harmony.

The way of the Japanes spirit is not competition. The country of Japan is also known as “Yamato”‘ or as the characters can be read, “great harmony”. This is the heart of Japan.

No matter what country, or period in time, one must follow this way. Let us, as those who possess the Spirit of Japan, work towards achieving correct training in Aikido.