Grading Etiquette

1. When your name is called, come forward (perform Shikko or knee-walk) and sit in line facing kamiza or the front of the dojo in Seiza.

2. When all candidates have taken their places, perform sitting Rei (bow) together towards kamiza or the front of the dojo.

3. Perform sitting Rei to the examiner(s). Also perform sitting Rei to your respective grading partner. These are repeated at the end of the examination.

4. Listen carefully to the instructions given by the examiner(s). Techniques should be performed on both left & right sides, omote waza & ura waza.

5. Uke should always recover (i.e. stand/get up) immediately from each technique.


N.B. All people present on the mat should sit in Seiza during the beginning & the end of the grading session. They may sit cross-legged during the actual examination itself.